Zumba vs Aerobics vs Yoga – Which One is Best ?

It is well known that a great body always comes with great sacrifices. There a lot of ways you can obtain an ideal balance between mind and body health. But have you ever considered to try Zumba, Aerobics or Yoga classes? Well, let’s see what’s the deal with them and what type of exercises each other involves.

Zumba classes

Zumba appears to be a kind of dance fitness method that involves Latin dance moves, based on Latin music beats using a challenging choreography that allows you experience a great workout performance. Besides training your body, music means fun and offers a pleasant opportunity to express yourself and obtain a positive mood by spending a lot of time with other people that you get to know.


Aerobic define a large category of physical exercises, for example, cycling, walking, jogging or dancing. The purpose of this activity is to stretch and strengthen all your body parts and usually, it is performed on music and after an instructor’s guidance. It is well known as a good cardio exercise that helps the lungs and core muscles work harder and deliver more quickly oxygen to all your blood cells and brain.


Yoga technique or a way of discipline we can say that learn you how to relax your body and mind through different physical body postures. It has a great influence on breathing and it is used for simple meditation and relaxation but also is good for flexibility and stretching. In time yoga can seriously improve your sleeping and bring a lot of positive spiritual effects.
Let’s see what are the real benefits of doing any of this kind of workouts.

Actual benefits of Zumba

    • Full body workout

Considering that it comes with both fitness and dance moves, Zumba is able to provide a full body workout, training all muscle groups from the body and creating flexibility and joint strengthening. Plus, your hips and legs are highly challenged with every dance move and step you take.

    • Calorie burning

Considering the fact that people have different weights, body structures, and physical performance abilities, this kind of workout can have higher or lower impact from a person to another. Zumba trains your body through all types of choreography that takes you from merengue beats to slow, intense moves that hardly challenge all your muscle groups. For example, during 1 hour of Zumba workout, an average weight person can burn up to 600 calories or more.

    • Fun activity

Besides the fact that it is a great way to gain mobility and lose extra pounds, Zumba is also fun and interactive and creates a positive mood. Expressing yourself through dance means using the same language with many people across the world.

Aerobics benefits

    • Improves circulation and oxygenates the body

No matter you are lifting weights or stretching the muscles, aerobics moves lead to sweating and heavy breathing, forcing your blood pump work harder and distributing a higher level of oxygen to all your blood cells and tissues.

    • Builds endurance

During this kind of workout, the lungs and heart muscles are challenged a lot, which means your body functions boost, so its activity is raised. A daily routine at a moderate pace, help you easily get used to its intensity and sooner gets you ready to deal more challenging exercises for a longer period of time.

    • Help you lose extra pounds

Your body learns easier how to use oxygen and start burning unnecessary fat when you are doing regular aerobic exercises. Because the blood pump starts working faster and the lungs are forced to use a larger amount of oxygen and require more energy.

Yoga benefits

  • Improves flexibility

One of the most important changes that Yoga is able to do, is increasing the ability to move effortlessly. Of course, you won’t be able to touch your toes from the first classes, but regularly doing this activity, you will get rid of pains and aches and also build a better posture.

  • Strengthens bones

It is well known that usually weight-bearing exercises lead to bone strengthening, keeping away osteoporosis. And Yoga has a lot of positions which involve lifting up your own body’s weight. Also, Yoga helps you keep the calcium inside the bones by lowering the level of cortisol (the stress hormone).

  • Helps you sleep deeper

Yoga involves a lot of meditating and concentration techniques that help creating a perfect harmony between your body and your mind. For example, “Yoga nidra” is a sleeping technique that is able to fully relax your body and give a meditative state of awareness.