Which is the Ideal Workout Temperature

When you decide to work out at the gym, at home or outside, you have to be very careful with the temperature because it can influence how comfortable and safe you will develop your exercises. To make you more aware of the risks involved by working out in the improper temperature and to help you find the ideal workout temperature, we have decided to give you some useful tips.
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Pay attention to heat when working out outdoors

If you workout outdoors, you have to make sure that you will stay away from health risks caused by cold or heat. Running in the cold weather can affect your airways as the cold air will interact with your body core temperature that will be higher due to the physical effort. This can result in breathing difficulties, coughing, and colds, which is why it’s best to avoid outdoor exercising if the weather is too cold. If the outside temperature drops at freezing levels, postpone your jogging session otherwise, you could catch a cold.
On the other hand, you shouldn’t exercise if the outside temperature is too hot because you are at risk of suffering from a heat stroke, which means that your body temperature will get too high and your body will be unable to cool down. Hot summer days with temperatures over 85F or 30C are not suitable for intense outdoor workouts. Avoid sitting in direct sun and if you feel too hot, drink plenty of water so you will be able to sweat and regulate your body temperature.
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Adjust your indoor gym temperature

Working out indoors doesn’t mean that you are safe from any incident related to temperature because you can always experience health problems if the indoor air temperature is not at the proper level. Exercising in a cold gym can make you feel sick because the difference of temperature between your body and the environment will be too big. If your home is your gym, heat it with an infrared heater that will make you feel more comfortable as it will radiate heat that your body will absorb. The ideal room temperature is around 68F in the winter because you will start feeling hot as soon as you heat your body.
However, the biggest risk is when you exercise in a hot room that doesn’t allow your body to regulate its temperature during the intense effort. You can always suffer from heat exhaustion if your gym room is too hot and you can’t manage to cool down. Don’t allow the air temperature to go higher than 77F if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure you cool the air and you can use a tower fan to help you with that because it’s low consuming and it spreads cool air on a wider area. This device can ensure the proper level of temperature that will protect you from suffering a heat stroke while working out.