The Best Fitness Exercises for Women

Nowadays, increasingly more women go to the gym, in order to improve their health and tone their body as well. Fitness can definitely help you obtain the desired result with ease, which is fantastic. Here are some of the best fitness exercises for women, that must be done regularly, in order to have an amazing body.

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Single-leg deadlift

This wonderful exercise is perfect for lifting and toning the glutes, and for activating the entire core as well, which is absolutely amazing, as there are not too many exercises that can do these things. When your core is activated, you will actually prevent back pains. Therefore, an exercise like this is highly recommended to women who sit long periods of time. What you need to do is to stand on your right foot. Do not forget to get a pair of dumbbells. Then, you need to lift your left foot and bend your knee. You must bend forward at the hips, and then slowly lower the entire body, as far as you can. Once you have done this, you will need to take a short break and then push your body back to the starting position. Keep in mind to change feet, and repeat the exercise for 5 times in the morning and 5 times in the evening for several days, in order to tone very well your legs.

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This classic fitness exercise is without a doubt a fantastic one, which will help you have toned arms. Furthermore, you will easily and quickly burn a significant amount of calories. Men and women as well can go for it. You must get down on all fours, and place both hands on the floor. Then you must lower the body until the chest will nearly touch the floor, and then you must push yourself to the starting position. If you do a set of 10-15 every morning and every evening for several weeks, you will definitely be happy with the results. Not only your arms will be toned, but your tummy and your bottom as well.

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Triceps extension

This is certainly one of the best fitness exercises for women, which will help them tone their triceps and the back of their shoulders as well. If you want to obtain this result, then you must go for triceps extension. Stay in the lunge position, by keeping the back of your heel on the ground. Then, you must lift the arm straight up by your side while you actually lean over your front bent knee. Do not forget to use light weights during this exercise. All in all, this fitness exercise is absolutely amazing for all women who want to have nice shoulders and arms.