How to Work Out in Your Home Pool

It’s more fun to work out while splashing in a swimming pool and enjoying the pleasant feeling floating in the water gives you so if you have a home swimming pool, don’t hesitate and perform your exercises in the water. Our article will show you how to work out in your home pool so you will benefit from it to the fullest.
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Prepare your pool

Your home pool can become the perfect workout environment that will offer you extended benefits in working your entire body and losing weight faster. Before you start any type of exercise, make sure your pool is clean and for this, use a robotic pool cleaner that takes away all the dirt and debris that could disturb you.

The water bicycle

The benefit of this exercise is that the water increases the resistance so you will strain your legs muscles even more. Plus, you will sustain your body weight using only your arms and your shoulders, which means many areas of your body will the involved. To begin with, go to the side of the pool and put your elbows on the edge to keep your body floating from the pool floor. Then, start moving your legs as you would be standing on a bike and increase the speed to increase your endurance.
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Leg lifting

From the same position with your elbows on the edge of the pool, straighten your legs to the front, pull them towards your body until you reach a vertical position then lift them again to create a right angle. Repeat the movements at increasing speed to accelerate your blood circulation and to work your abs and leg muscles.

Pool jumps

You can try a simple exercise that will work your leg muscles and will improve your balance, considering that maintain your balance in the water is harder than on the ground. This exercise implies jumping in the water and slowly bending your legs when you land while maintaining your back straight. To work your thighs to the maximum, keep jumping without rest time and go deep into the water to encourage your muscles to propel you back up.
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You can always add weights to your pool exercises because these will increase the strain on your muscles as the water will create resistance. Simply stand in your pool and lift weights to work your arms and shoulders muscles at a higher intensity and to increase your endurance. Regular weights work just fine but you can also use special pool weights that act better underwater.