Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga is known as an efficient way of combining relaxation techniques with fitness movements that help you stay fit. But what few people know is that it’s an excellent method of healing back pain that is widely used by people who suffer from severe back pain. The stretching and bending implied by yoga poses help soothe back muscles so the pain will go away very soon. If we have made you curious, learn more about how you can use yoga to treat back pain.
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Downward-facing dog

Before you start any yoga pose, you will need a comfortable mattress because most of the poses imply laying on the floor. Opt for a thin and soft mattress that will offer you comfort and support at the same time. Once you have the mattress, sit on it on your hands and knees and slightly raise your knees from the floor and bring your tailbone up. Make sure you keep the heels on the floor so your body will be stretched to the maximum and your back muscles will be strengthened.
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Upward-facing dog

For this pose, you will have to lay on the mattress on your belly with your arms stretched at the front. Slowly raise your upper body by resting on your palms so you will end up looking at the ceiling. Remain in this position for 10 breaths then slowly return to the initial position. You will notice how your back muscles will feel more relaxed.
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Child’s pose

This yoga pose implies stretching your back muscles so they will get rid of all the tensions gathered during the day. Start on all fours and slowly lower your butt until it touches your heels, but don’t press. Stretch your arms in front of you and slightly lower your torso until your breasts touch your knees while keeping the hands stretched. Maintain the pose until your back muscles start to hurt, which means they are starting to work.
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Seated forward fold

Lay your yoga mattress on the ground and sit on it with your legs stretched at the front, then slowly bring your upper body area to the front until you manage to reach your toes. Keep the legs and arms straight and lower your head between your arms and keep the position for a few seconds so your back muscles will stretch as well. If you can, lower your body until you can touch your legs with your nose.
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Bow pose

This is an intense pose that strains your back, legs, and arms muscles in order to improve your posture and reduce back pain. It implies sitting on your belly and reaching for your heels with your arms, then slightly pulling the heels up. Maintain the pose for three breaths to allow your back muscles to react to the movement.