Signs of Dehydration During a Workout

It’s very easy to get dehydrated while working out because you eliminate a lot of water from your body through sweat. While it’s true that the most obvious sign of dehydration is thirst, there are other signs that you must be on the look for to ensure that you don’t become a victim of dehydration while you exercise. If you want to find out which are the signs of dehydration during a workout, continue to read this article.
Signs of Dehydration During a Workout Picture


If you feel fatigued when you workout, it’s a sign that you haven’t provided your body with enough water. Many think that the fatigue they feel is solely connected to the pre-workout snack that they enjoy. But the truth is that the amount of water that they drink affects their level of energy as well. Therefore, make sure that you drink enough water before and after you workout. Also, if you plan on doing a longer workout, make sure to sip water throughout.


Make sure that you hydrate well before you start working out to not cramp while exercising. You must drink at least an ounce of water for every 10 pounds of body weight 1-2 hours before you exercise to keep cramps away. Also, make sure that you don’t drink too much water right before the start of the workout session. Otherwise, cramps will surely make an appearance.

High pulse

To ensure that you aren’t dehydrated while working out, it’s recommended that you wear a heart rate monitor while you exercise. If you notice that your heart rate is higher than normal, it means that you’re not properly hydrated. Therefore, make sure that you monitor your heart rate and drink water when your pulse rises.

How to combat dehydration during a workout

Of course, in order to combat dehydration during a workout, you must make sure that you drink enough water. But the quality of the water that you drink is extremely important. Therefore, in order to ensure that you stay properly hydrated with quality water than won’t affect your health, purchase and install a water filter or a water ionizer. If you workout at home, it will be very easy for you to drink water from the water filter or the water ionizer. In case you go to the gym to workout, carry a bottle of clean, pure water from one of these appliances with you.

Those who workout at home must ensure proper humidity levels in the room in which they exercise in order to remain hydrated. Therefore, if you have a home gym, place a humidifier in it to ensure that your skin won’t feel the harmful effects of dry air and get dehydrated. The best part is that modern humidifiers allow you to set the level of humidity that you want in the room, constantly maintaining the level that you set.