Quick Fitness Workouts For Busy People

The main excuse people find for not exercising is they don’t have enough time with all the daily chores have have to deal with and that don’t leave them too much spare time for going to the gym. Unfortunately for those who believe that a busy schedule can’t include fitness, we can tell you that there are many quick workouts that can be performed in a maximum of 30 minutes and right in the comfort of your home. Therefore, stop making excuses and start exercising right now!
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Fitness for the legs

Your legs require plenty of attention during your workouts and there are many types of exercises you can try at home for less than 10 minutes. The two-part squats are very efficient because they involve many muscle groups. Stand upright, spread your legs wider than your hip line with your toes turned out and place your hands on your waist for balance. Slowly bend your knees until they reach a 90-degrees angle and hold for a few seconds before returning to the initial position and repeat.
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Fitness for the butt

Exercises that involve your buttocks are very easy to perform at home and only require at most 10 minutes. You can easily include your upper leg area and your abs into sets of exercises that contract the muscles and burn fat. One exercise implies laying on the floor, facing up and keeping your hands on each side with the palms on the ground and the knees bent. Slightly raise your butt while keeping the core contracted and the back straight. Maintain your lower body area in the air for a few seconds then lower it and repeat 10 times. While you keep your hips raised, extend one leg and keep it in the air for a few seconds to contract your leg muscles as well.
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Fitness for the arms

Never forget about your arms when you work out because you will need to increase their strength and build muscle mass. Push-ups are of great help so try to perform as many as you can in order to work your arms and shoulders muscles. While in the push-up position, you can raise your legs as if you were climbing a stair so your arms will support your body weight as you will bring each knee to touch your chest. Dumbbells are great for working the arms and you can include them in various types of exercises like the knee-ups.
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Fitness for the abs

You can have ripped abs with only a few minutes of fitness everyday so you can say goodbye to belly fat. Sit on the back with your hands behind your head and slowly raise your extended legs from the ground. Keep them in the air and perform a scissor movement to keep your core contracted without allowing your legs to touch the floor. Also, raise each leg to form a 90-degrees angle with your torso and lower the legs without touching the floor. Perform sets of 10 repetitions for each leg.